Updated South West Pacific FM List

Thanks to Bryan Clark, below is an amended list for Pacific FM DX hunters with the summer FM DX season not too far away.

SW Pacific FM List

sw pacific fm 220918

One response to “Updated South West Pacific FM List

  1. Is there anything left to listen to?I live in Pakuranga Auckland.Ive been a very keen SW listener and Utility SSB HF listener for many years.I have expensive receiveing equipment and a 100 ft listening dipole antenna.But the problem Ive experianced for the last 10 years is very strong “Hash” and fadeing SW stations,and or SW stations that have either stopped transmitting or have lowered their transmitt power.All my antenna conections are good and clean.But Ive found the “Hash” problem has become worse over the years almost like Rain static,an yet there is no rain.Some parts of the SW HF bands are worse than others.It’s almost ruined my listening pleasure.The HF utility stations such as NZ “Mountain Radio”,Marine nets in the Sth Pacific along with US military are almost non existent,with the strong Hash level.Has anyone experianced this problem,because it seems to be getting worse.I remember arround 10 years ago,most SW stations arround the world came in so clear.I also find now that english speaking stations have either faded or stopped transmitting,and in their place I notice Asian speaking stations are on the frequencies,aswell as takeing up alot of the SW bands more than befor.All comments wellcome thanks.

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