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Another benefit of belonging to the NZRDXL is use of 2 x 4-channel KiwiSDR receivers located in an excellent receive location at Russell in the Bay of Islands. NZ Radio DX League members can obtain the password by sending an e-mail to

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The League established the SDR to provide members an opportunity to be able to hear signals otherwise buried in noise and interference at their home locations. These days, the DXer’s home environment is much noisier electrically than it was 20 years ago and for many the enthusiasm to DX was curbed by this problem. The advent of SDRs and widespread availability of an internet connection has made DXing from a very quiet location with a good antenna possible from your armchair, sitting in  a vehicle with your smart phone and in your traditional place of DXing, the radio shack.

The Russell SDR is the first of two the League has planned. Funds to establish them and pay monthly internet costs have come from League coffers swelled by the Convention auction at Moeraki in 2016 and from the sale of radios and other material donated by the state of the late Ron Killick. It is the intention to locate the second SDR in the South Island.

We must acknowledge the gracious offer by Peter Mott to co-site the SDR at his residence and also the team from KiwiSDR who have provided Peter one SDR free of charge. NZ Radio DX League members can obtain the password by sending an e-mail to