1977 Godley Heads

In Front: David Ricquish, Jack Buckley, Harry Weatherley, Chris Martin Seated: Arthur Cushen, Merv Branks, Jack Searle, Ernie Moore Standing: Peter Mott, Chris Mackerell, UNID 2, Paul Ormandy, Bob Boundy (at back – obscured), David Hadler, UNID 4, Austin Hadler, UNID 6, John Newman (at back), Phil Brooks, Ash Nallawalla, Keith Barton, Sutton Burtenshaw, Jamie Hines, Mike Smith (Tauranga), Jim Benzoni.

DX Auction with Keith Glover of Radio Australia as guest auctioneer, supported by Phil Brooks and David Ricquish.

Left to Right: Sutton Burtenshaw, Bryan Clark, David Ricquish (behind loop aerial), UNID, Merv Branks, Philip Bolton, Arhur Williams? (obscured), Ash Nallawalla? (obscured), Phil Brooks, Harry Weatherley with Ernie Moore behind. This photo was taken after we adjourned from the QRN-heavy DX location to the neighbouring clifftop where, under Chris Martin’s expert guidance, a long wire was dropped over the edge and we all heard Radio Monte Carlo 1466 signing on in the local afternoon! Certainly a top moment in my personal DX history spanning more than 50 years.

Still DXing out in the open – Sutton Burtenshaw, Chris Martin, Paul Ormandy, Keith Barton

Austin Hadler, Arthur Cushen, Keith Glover (Radio Australia), Sutton Burtenshaw, Merv Branks

Keith Glover running the auction

Harry Weatherley standing, others eagerly listening

L-R : David Ricquish, Ash Nallawalla, Paul Ormandy, Bryan Clark, Phil Barton, Brian Withers. Background: Harry Weatherley

Mike Smith & Ash Nallawalla. Credit: Ash Nallwalla collection

Arthur Cushen, Keith Glover & Merv Branks. Credit: Ash Nallwalla collection


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