2002 Camp Iona


Following on from the success of Conventions at Camp Iona in 1994 and 1998 , the North Otago Branch of the New Zealand Radio DX League hosted another Convention in February 2002.

The Convention took place on Friday the 1st of February and closed on Monday the 4th 2002.

In addition, and at the suggestion of participants in 1998, we had a 3-night DXpedition at the camp on the days preceeding the Convention (29th, 30th and 31st of January). This included regular visits to the nearby Waianakarua DX site.




Conv_0001Jack Reddan, Cliff Couch, Ray Davey & Phil van de Paverd at the dials (Photo credit: David Searle)


Conv02_0002Ross Gibson, Peter Grenfell, Bryan Marsh (obscured) and Michael Pollard struggling at the radio sprint (Photo credit: David Searle)


Conv02_0003Ray Crawford having a ball on the X-band (Photo credit: David Searle)


Conv02_0004Arthur de Maine seriously contemplates buying another receiver (Photo credit: David Searle)


Conv02_0005DX? What’s DX? Alice Williams, Lynn Gibson & Gwen Aronsen play scrabble with cards (Photo credit: David Searle)


Conv02-0006Front view of the large mansion of Kuriheka (Photo credit: David Searle)


Conv02_0007Andy McQueen being dwarfed by a Moeraki Boulder & David Searle (Photo credit: David Searle)




Conv02_0008Raconteurs, entrepeneurs & auctioneurs David Ricquish & Stu Forsyth (Photo credit: David Searle)





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