1994 Camp Iona


Top Row L-R: Basil Jamieson, Alistair Sutherland, Ron Killick. Middle Row L-R: Jamie Hines, Mike Foubister, Wayne Garraway, Bill Colbert, Arthur Cushen, Mark Nicholls, Ralda Cushen, Ross Gibson, Chris McGlinchey, Andy McQueen (obscured) Harry Weatherley Arthur Finch, Gwen Aronsen, Don Cook (obscured), Gwen Cook, Betty Marsh, Paul Aronsen, Peter grenfell, Jill Grenfell, Arthur de Maine, Lorraine de Maine. Frot Row L-R: Bryan Clark, Peter McMillan, Paul Ormandy, Bryan Marsh & David Yetman.

Convention ’94 Programme

Welcome to Convention 94!

Your organising committee of Peter Grenfell. Arthur Finch, Alistair Sutherland, Basil Jamieson, Keith Creighton and Paul Ormandy have done what we hope is everything! But when the inevitable problems arise, don’t hesitate to contact one of us and we’ll come up with a solution.

Roll Call From Australia: Gwen and Don Cook, Brian and Deborah Dodgson (Sat night only), Peter McMillan, Harry Weatherley. From Auckland: Sandy and Bryan Clark, Betty and Brian Marsh, Bill Colbert. From Wellington: Lorraine and Arthur de Maine. From Nelson: Andy McQueen. From Christchurch: Ron Killick, Mark Nicholls, Ross Gibson, Chris McGlinchey, David Yetman and the Mainland Radio Comms team. From Invercargill: Ralda and Arthur Cushen, Gwen and Paul Aronsen. The locals: Jill and Peter Grenfell, Basil Jamieson, Alistair Sutherland, Arthur Finch, Paul Ormandy and hopefully a few others from time to time.

About Camp Iona We have set up three listening sites. One in the Lodge, one in the sports hall and another in the Library to the right of the stage in the main hall. If any of you want a site set up elsewhere let Paul Ormandy know and he’ll get you ‘on air’.

Attention SMOKERS – as a courtesy to others, please smoke outside or organise one of the cabins for this purpose.

You may set up your bed in any of the units but a quick inspection as to which ones are best rigged for heating may be worthwhile! The Lodge is reserved for our more senior members.


One of the discussion groups


Friday 15th April: 3:00 pm Welcome & afternoon tea 4:00 pm Workshop – practical Beverage aerial construction and basic theory. Hosted by Paul Ormandy 6:00 pm Evening meal 7:30 pm Quiz Night Saturday

16th April: 7:00 am Help-yourself breakfast from 7 am onwards 9:00 am Official opening and photograph 9:30 am Equipment display by Mainland Radio Comms featuring computer-related software 10:30 am Morning Tea 11:30 am Discussion group – DX and the fax hosted by Harry Weatherley 12:30 pm Lunch 1:30 pm Trip into Oamaru with visits to Parkside Quarries and Gardens, Historic Oamaru and the Oamaru Botanic Gardens 6:00 pm Evening Meal 7:00 pm Further display of receiving equipment by Mainland Radio Comms. Followed by socialising and DXing Sunday

17th April: 7:00 am Breakfast 9:00 am Discussion group on FM DXing – hosted by Bryan Clark 10:00 am Morning Tea 10:30 am Discussion group on utility DXing – hosted by Ran Killick 11:30 am Auction!! 12:15 Depart for Moeraki for a traditional Maori hangi. Followed by a visit to the Moeraki Lighthouse where we will hopefully see some yellow-eyed penguins and seals. Returning back to Camp Iona via the Moeraki Boulders (time permitting) 3:00 pm Afternoon tea 3:30 Cricket on the Glencoe Oval 6:00 pm Evening Meal 7:30 pm Talk on St. Helena – by former residents Dr. Peter & Primrose Summers

Monday 18th April: 7:00 Breakfast 9:00 FM DXpedition to Mt Stalker. Height 920m asl. 10:30 am Morning tea 11:00 Official close, presentations and farewells As we have to vacate the camp by 12 noon, any volunteers to help take down aerials and clean up will be very much appreciated.


“Lifting the hangi”. A hangi is a traditional Maori cooking style involving steaming meat and vegetables in a covered, heated pit. A fire is lit int he base heating large stones (or chunks of railway iron as above!). Then the food, wrapped in parcels, (historically large leaves though tin-foil is now used) placed in baskets andlowered into the pit which is then covered till the food is cooked.

Alternatives to Program As some of you may not be interested in some of the things set in the program we can offer the following suggestions. * Bush Walks * Visit to Herbert Craft Shop * Visit to Armours Garden (Herbert) * Visit to Little Blue Penguins (Oamaru) * Badminton * Indoor Bowls * Volleyball * Fitness Course. If you wish to find out more about any of these pies. contact one of the organisers.

Cricket Match We have a few rule changes to the standard game, e.g. Max 20 overs per side. Max 2 overs per bowler, max 30 runs per batsman, max two-pace run-up for the bowler, a tennis ball will be used and you must score a run before you can be given out also, NO LBWs! Should all the batsmen be out before the completion of the 20 overs, then the lowest scoring batsmen will get another chance!


COMMUNICATOR Arthur Cushen, Ralda Cushen, Peter McMillan, Betty Marsh, Basil Jamieson

ROSS REVENGE Don Cook, Gwen Cook, Mark Nicholls, Ron Killick, Brian Marsh

CAROLINE Lorraine de Maine, Arthur de Maine, Alistair Sutherland, Bill Colbert, Andy McQueen

MI AMIGO Gwen Aronsen, Paul Aronsen, Harry Weatherley, Chris McGlinchey, Arthur Finch

FURY Sandy Clark, Bryan Clark, Ross Gibson, Jill Grenfell

Herbert Store and Garage

In Herbert Township there is a well-equipped store which also contains a post-office and has a card- phone outside. The garage provides hot food as well as the usual service-station lines. Mill House For those of you who may wish to visit this historic building and gardens, the Mill House is also has a first-class restaurant. A recommended stop f or lunch as you are heading away on Monday. Tourist Information For those of you who intend to stay in this region we have an assortment of brochures available. You may also like to check with the Tourist Information Centre located in Oamaru, opposite the Police Station in Severn Street.

Church services in the area. Details as follows: 9:00 am St Andrews Anglican Church at Maheno (recently featured on Praise Be) 12 min drive, 9:30 am Kauru Hill Presbyterian Church, 20 min drive. 11:30 am Herbert Presbyterian Church, 5 min drive

A Big Thankyou.

We acknowledge with special thanks the following international broadcasting organizations who have donated items for the Auction: Radio Prague, Czech Rep AWR Guam Polish Radio, Warsaw Voice of Free China, Taiwan Radio Korea, Seoul Radio Austria International, Vienna Radio Budapest, Hungary KOL Israel, Jerusalem BBC World Service, London TWR Guam Radio Romania International, Bucharest Radio Ukraine International, Kiev Vatican Radio China Radio International, Beijing Deutsche Welle, Germany FEBC Manila Our thanks also go to anyone else who has supplied goods for the auction.


There is no liability on Camp Iona for burglary, damage, fire etc so please take common-sense precautions. Security has been arranged for the time we’ll spend away from the site.


Breakfast is a strictly help-yourself affair with a selection of cereals, toast spreads and drinks. Biscuits and drinks are supplied for morning and afternoon teas and supper. The local Association of Presbyterian Women are cooking our meals on site whilst the hangi on Sunday is being prepared by the Moeraki Runanga Committee. There will be a dish-washing roster based an the teams for the Quiz Night on Sunday. We have allowed 30 mins after each meal to complete the dishes but many hands make light work’ so any extra volunteers’ will be very welcome.

For Sale

As a means of off-setting Convention expenses, the following items are for sale, please see Arthur Finch for your requirements. Convention 94 pens – $1-00 ea or a box of 10 for $8-00. Camp Iona postcards – 50c ea Convention 94 pennants – 50c each


The winning team in the quiz night will receive a worthy prize but there will also be awards for listening, ie: Best Log on MW, Best Log on SW, Best Ute Log, Best FM Log, Most MW Logs, Most SW Logs, Most Ute Logs, Most FM Logs, Most Logs Overall.


Special Broadcasts:

Kiwi Radio

Will be broadcasting from their usual transmitter site rather than Moeraki as initially planned. Saturday morning NZT 7:00 am till 8:00 am and 6:00 pm till 7:00 pm. On 7445kHz., (alt 7460 or 5850) with l00-350w ERP. Sunday 17th – as above. A contest will be run by Kiwi Radio in conjunction with these broadcasts. Clue one in the first (morning) broadcast and clue two in the evening one. A minimum of 15 mins program detail is required for a QSL. Reports are to be sent to Kiwi Radio, Box 1437, Hastings, NZ. Return postage is not necessary. There will also be a prize for the furthest report.

Jolly Roger Radio International

From somewhere in Southern Eire, will be operating on 6229kHz., around 05-0700z on Sat 17th and Sun 18th. Listen for NZ music! Reports to: Box 39, Waterford, Ireland. Return postage of 2 IRCs required. Weekend Music Radio This Scottish pirate could put in an appearance on Sunday around 05-0700 on 7380 and 6295kHz.,. Reports to: 14 Stone Row, Coleraine , Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Again 2 IRCs for a reply.

Radio Europe International

It is hoped that they will be testing to Aus/NZ around 0500z on 7390v or other 40mb freqs


Moeraki local volunteer conservation officer Janice Jones, shows conventioneers a Little Blue penguin

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