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From the December 2008 DX Times

PAUL ARONSEN is our member in the spotlight this month, following on from his award of DX League Life Membership at the 2008 Annual General Meeting. Paul was born in Timaru but his family moved to Invercargill and it was whilst at secondary school with RAY CRAWFORD, JOHN DURHAM and BILL MARSH JNR in the late 1950’s that his interest in DXing began (amazing to have 4 prominent DXers-to-be all in the same class! Ed).

Jill Grenfell standing behind Paul at the 1990 AGM in Oamaru. Sitting to his left is Mark Nicholls, to the right is Arthur Williams and Paul Ormandy

After leaving high school Paul got into serious DXing and joined the Southland Branch. Says Paul, “DXing was good then as there was no TVI and not a lot of electrical interference. There were medium wave Yanks to be heard easily every night, and we were lucky to have some good DXers in the branch who always helped out. The big event of the DX year in Southland was the Annual DX Weekend at Riverton Rocks around February/March – there could be up to 15 attending, all eager to see what could be heard at the famous ‘6 x 3’ in the sandhills. Many stories can be told as to the happenings during those exciting DX weekends.”

Paul and Mark Nicholls, 1982

Paul became a fulltime Rural Mail Operator in 1965 and this commitment curtailed his DX listening. However, one year he did manage to win the shortwave competitions in 9 months out of 12. Paul considers the 10 watt Vancouver station CKFX on 6080kHz to be one of his best QSLs.

Paul beside Arthur Cuseh at an Oamaru AGM in 1983

Paul has enjoyed a lot of DX conventions over the years, from Riverton in the south, to Auckland in the north, and his dry personality and good humour is a memorable feature of many I have attended. In more than 45 years involvement with the League’s Southland Branch, Paul has been President, Secretary and Editor of the Southland DX Digest (he still edits the latter, now in its 72 nd year of continuous publication!).

Paul front left amongst the League attendees at Arthur Cushen’s funeral in 1997.

Today Paul is best known for his involvement with the DX Listening Site at Tiwai. Since the Southland Branch began using Tiwai in 1975, he has had an increasing involvement in the Tiwai operation and over more than 30 years has hosted several DX conventions as well as many DXers from overseas and throughout NZ. We are all very grateful for the incredible efforts that Paul has put into keeping Tiwai open for serious DX listening.

Paul being awarded the Chief Stirrer award


7 responses to “Paul Aronsen

  1. Thank you to everyone for all the comments. It has been a big shock to us all with Pauls passing. He has not been that well over the past few months , and the 3 broken ribs did not help.
    I know he would be very emotional regarding the comments you have enter ed. He valued you all as such good friends. He enjoyed t he many trips to Wainak and Mangawhai, and also looking after the Tiwai house. Dx was a very large part of Pauls life.
    So thank you again for being such good friends to Paul.

    Kind regards to all Gwen and family

  2. That wooden oar has been stuck on the old man’s office wall for years. Somebody might want to give me the story behind it as we always knew dad was a bit of a stirrer. It’s new home will be in twizel very soon with a bit of dad’s gear. Not sure what the radio reception will be like but am going to pull down dad’s aerials and resurrect so will be interesting to see.

  3. Paul and I had been been up at Manaku Bay Dxing a couple of weeks before and Dorothy and I were shocked to learn of Paul’s death. Paul was a very good friend and DX mate. He certainly was one to liven a DX gathering and you certainly had to watch out when he had his camera in hand.
    Paul I forgive you for taking my photo many times while I was asleep at the radio with my headphones on.
    Paul was a very much liked member of the League. Rest in Peace our very good friend. Arthur and Dorothy

  4. This is a big shock to me. Paul rang me in August when I was in Christchurch for my dads funeral.

    To Gwen and family my most sincere condolences

  5. Like many, I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear that Paul had passed away. He was a friend to many and an enemy to none, his presence at DX gatherings was very welcome and he was always keen to volunteer his time and energy. He always had a smile and a ready laugh. My sincere condolences to his family. RIP my good mate. Paul Ormandy

  6. October 9th saw the passing of the Guardian of Tiwai, Paul Aronsen. It is a terrible shock to us all. I cannot believe it really. I have lost a true friend. His presence at conventions, his wit and general bonhommie will be sorely missed by us all. I was really looking forward to catching up in Mangawhai in April. To Gwen and the family our most sincere condolences.

  7. It was a big shock to learn that Paul left us all so suddenly on 10 October 2017. He was one of those personalities who added so much to our hobby and club. His dry wit and mischievous presence at DXpeditions and Conventions always livened up proceedings. He loved his hobby and the lifelong friends he made through DXing – we will all miss him very much – a unique and well-loved member. RIP Paul from Bryan & Sandra

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