Tribute To Frank Glen


Frank at Tiwai, his “magic place”


Titahi Bay’s Radio History

rnz1For nearly 80 years, Titahi Bay has played a significant role in NZ’s radio history. This flash back from the Dominion Post tells of the early days.

Radio Sweden’s Horby Transmitter Site

sweden_scdxers_40thAustralian DXer Rob Wagner found this interesting story of Radio Sweden’s transmitter site and contributed it on his blog.

Radio Australia Asian Services End This Weekend

raRadio Australia’s services will amount to a token South Pacific offering as services to Asia terminate.


SW Still Has The Magic

The tuning dial on a 1940s radio, showing long...

The tuning dial on a 1940s radio, showing longwave frequencies from 150 to 375 kHz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This interesting story from the Palm Beach Post may remind you of a similar occasion in your radio life, an occasion that made you think “it isn’t all about hearing distant radio stations”. The thrill from making your own aerials, upgrading your receiver, improving your language skills, integrating a computer into your listening etc etc all all enjoyable elements of the radio hobby. All help to make you the compleat listener and to truly have the world at your fingertips!

Latest International SW Broadcast Guide Available

isbgGayle Van Horn’s winter 2014-15 edition of the guide is now available as an e-book on Amazon.

Shortwave Rekindled

one_transWhilst the stations may be going, the magic of bringing distant radio stations into your home still remains. This article by Anthony M Castelletti in The Buffalo News shows that our hobby simply needs resuscitated to once again inspire, amaze and thrill.

Voice Of Hope Africa To Air

kvohCalifornia religious broadcaster the Voice of Hope has acquired transmitter facilities in Lusaka, Zambia, purchasing the “Christian Voice” facilities from Christian Vision. More on this from the Sys-Con website.

Chelmsford Calling Via Finland On SW

Tccwshe CCWS (Chelmsford Calling World Service), a programme produced by Jim Salmon (amateur radio call-sign 2E0RMI), has added a relay via Scandanavian Weekend Radio (SWR) to it’s existing sked via WRMI .

The programme can now be heard on the 2nd Friday of each month via WRMI at 2300z (midday NZDST) on 9955kHz and on the first Saturday of the month via SWR on one or more of the following: 1602, 5980, 6170, 11690, 11720 and  94.9 FM. Jim also broadcasts via NZRDXL member Chris Mackerell’s “World FM” in Tawa, New Zealand.

More info on the links below.

Radio Free Sarawak Signs Off

free_sarawakJust like the Democratic Voice of Burma, another clandestine broadcaster has chosen to promote its ideals via methods other than SW. More on this from the Asia RadioToday website.

A Vital SW Metric

bbgIn these days of shrinking SW audiences, the actual rate of shrinkage and geographic dispersal of the audience are important factors when governments and organizations consider funding allocations.  This interesting story from the Radio World website.

BBC Seychelles Signs Off

bbcqslThe BBC relay station located at Grand Anse on the Seychelle Islands was handed back to the Seychelles government on Tuesday 18th of November. Transmissions commenced in 1988 and in November 2013, they were slated to end, with the last Watt squeezed out on March the 29th. More on this from the Seychelles News Agency web site.

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Spy Station Broadcasting Continues

randomnumbersEven though the Cold War is long over, remnants remain, amongst them those intriguing coded broadcasts. Here is an article from Gizmodo that assesses current broadcasts and how you can listen to them right now on the Lifehacker website.

New SW Broadcaster Global 24 Radio On Air

global24New, all-news broadcaster is due to ht the air today, Friday 31st October, broadcasting via RMI on 9395kHz.  More on this story from their website.

Democratic Voice of Burma Leaving SW

dvb-logoThe DVB announced on 23rd October that they would be moving their broadcasts to the internet. The anti-Burma/Myanmar regime station has been on air since 1992. More details on their website.

The BBG Must Be Where the Audience Is Listening

bbgThe Radio World is carrying this interesting comment piece from the chair of the Broadcasting Bureau of Governors, Matthew Armstrong. He explains how they have surmised the needs of shortwave in target markets and hints at further reductions or transitions to other media.

Radio In Russia – Historical Article

Dmitry Mezin

Many thanks to Russian DXer Dmitry Mezin for this article. It was originally compiled for Italian magazine Radiorama and appeared in Italian translation for the January, 2001 edition.


Shortwave Scene’s 30th Anniversary

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

“The Shortwave Scene” was a monthly column in the Electronics Australia magazine. Here, Arthur Cushen takes a look back at the first 30 years.

WARC 1984 Article

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Here is an article written by Arthur Cushen in the “Shortwave Scene” column of Electronics Australia, October 1983, previewing the 1984 World Administrative Radio Conference (WARC).


Mark Nicholls – A Tribute

mn8The following tributes appear in the September 2014 edition of the DX Times, which is dedicated to the life of Mark Nicholls.

From fellow Life Member, Paul Ormandy, comes this: I first met Mark at the 1976 Tatum Park convention, we hit it off straight away and with Paul Edwards, spent every night at the dials getting very little sleep. We had joined the NZRDXL within months of each other, we were the same age and more importantly, we both preferred MW to SW! Mark was a regular attendee of League events in both islands and in 1983, spent the first or his many annual weekly DX pilgrimages with me at Waianakarua. It became the DX-highlight of the year for each of us and we both got on very well together.Mark’s first serious DX-receiver was a Sony ICF-6800W and later a Drake R8B.