Tecsun Releases New PL-880 Portable


Thanks to Tony King for passing along news of a new portable on offer from Tecsun. And if you don’t like those narrow, fiddly tuning knobs of most portables, this will be on your present list!

Here’s an excellent review and plenty more info from the SWL Info blog.

4 responses to “Tecsun Releases New PL-880 Portable

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  2. Dallas McKenzie

    After reading all the oridginal Messages on the Web site for the PL-880
    I’ve kept my Sony SW7600G as my back up. and decided to buy a Icom IC-R70 in mint condition which is more suited to Utility SSB, with several filters, and so far I’m not disapointed.

    The problem with the PL-88o is that it was rushed on to the market to soon, with bad filmwear and lack of instructions on how the exta features can be set. I note one USA distributor has stoped stocking it.

    May be once all the faults are iorned out it will be a great set, but in the mean time its reputation has been dented.

  3. james patterson

    From James ZL1WJP.
    Further to my comments on the Tecsun PL 660 and the Digitech AR 1945 portable gen coverage receivers,I live in the Auckland district.

  4. james patterson

    Hi there from James ZL1WJP.Dedicated SSB DXer.Very good reveiw listed on the Tecsun PL880.Ive read very good reveiws on the Tecsun PL 660 as well.But everdently it chews up the batteries rather quickly.I feel you would need to have a larger battery pack connected for on going listening,as I do with my Sony SW7600G.Does anyone know of an outlet or importer that currently sells the PL660.I certainly would like to check this receiver hands on if I decide to buy it.I dont deal through TradeMe or Ebay etc.I dont buy radio equipment via an auction,that seeks the highest bider.Rather I prefere to buy privately.
    Has anyone fortunitly or unfortunitly bought the new Digitech AR 1945 SSB Gen coverage portable receiver yet from Jaycar? I havent been able to try one out yet because the closest store to me is in a concrete building,and they dont have an outside antenna.But internet reveiws show this receiver as having a very poor SSB circuit.In fact it seems as though the SSB section does not work at all,and yet Jaycar have a very good write up on it.It does come with the UHF Air Band,of which to me would be a big plus,cause listening in to the HF/SSB National Airways,then as they get closer to a NZ air port I can switch over to UHF and hear the tower talking them down.So I would be pleased if anyone can email to my address any pros and cons of this model please,as well as any outlet selling the TecsunPL 660. I look forward to any responses and will reply.Many thanks…James. patterson8@actrix.co.nz

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