Dedicated SDR for League Members

Another benefit of belonging to the NZRDXL is use of a 4-channel KiwiSDR receiver located in an excellent receive location at Russell in the Bay of Islands.

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The League established the SDR to provide members an opportunity to be able to hear signals otherwise buried in noise and interference at their home locations. These days, the DXer’s home environment is much noisier electrically than it was 20 years ago and for many the enthusiasm to DX was curbed by this problem. The advent of SDRs and widespread availability of an internet connection has made DXing from a very quiet location with a good antenna possible from your armchair, sitting in  a vehicle with your smart phone and in your traditional place of DXing, the radio shack.

FM DX Antenna & Tuner

I decided to try a bit of FM DX after a break of more than 20 years and
needed a new antenna.

First I tried a 7 element log periodic yagi, similar to this example but found the local FMers about 3km away swamped the whole band pretty much. So then I re-built the antenna into one of these combo yagis  which is a hybrid log periodic yagi and standard yagi, sometimes called a “logyag”.

It handles the signals from the locals much better than the straight LPY
and seems to be more directional. Mine is made from old low-band TV
antennas so only cost me some hardware and time.

Bill Marsh’s Portable EWE Antenna Project

Bill Marsh Jnr has completed an article on building a portable EWE antenna, view the article here.

Australia To Leave SW Broadcasting


ABC Exits Shortwave Radio Transmission

*06 December 2016*

The ABC will end its shortwave transmission service in the Northern Territory and to international audiences from 31 January 2017.

The move is in line with the national broadcaster’s commitment to dispense with outdated technology and to expand its digital content offerings including DAB+ digital radio, online and mobile services, together with FM services for international audiences.

The majority of ABC audiences in the Northern Territory currently access ABC services via AM and FM and all ABC radio and digital radio services are available on the VAST satellite service.

2016 Annual General Meeting


Attendees: Bryan Clark, Paul Aronsen, Sutton Burtenshaw, Phil Van de Paverd, Peter Mott, Steven Greenyer, John Akersten & George Muzyka

Pdf_iconAnnual Meeting of the New Zealand Radio DX League – 2016

The Wirelss World from 1930


By Magna Vox.


From the Otago Daily Times , Issue 20993, 4 April 1930, Page 5.


Hearing KGO in 1924




From the Auckland Star, Volume LV, Issue 179, 30 July 1924, Page 8.

“Come round to-night.”‘ said Jenkins, as I swung on a neighbouring strap in our morning tramcar. “You will have a real treat; you will be able to hear K.G.O.”. Who or what K.G.O. was I had not the faintest idea. The cryptic letters conveyed to me merely a sense of my inferiority, mill I was loath to seek explanation under the gaze of many envious eyes turned in the direction of our conversation. To display ignorance of radio terms in these enlightened days is tantamount to being unable to recognise a Ford car, either by eye or by ear. So, in a fit of misguided enthusiasm I declared that nothing would keep me from hearing K.G.O.