Noise – A Problem Even 80 Years Ago


Noise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This interesting article forwarded from Bill Marsh was penned 80 years ago. In all that time, noise from electrical and electronic devices has grown even worse.


3 responses to “Noise – A Problem Even 80 Years Ago

  1. The roarer spoken about was a diathermy machine used by a Doctor in Chch. It was later used to jam Scrim on 1ZB in Auckland during the 1935 election.

    • Hi Tony,

      Have a search for Uncle Scrim on The device used to jam Uncle Scrim was a radio transmitter, operated by a ham who worked for the NZBS at the time. The gentleman’s identity is known by few. Paul

      • The ham concerned was employed by the NZPO at the time and was directed by EHR Green who was his boss. There is an article about this in BreakIn a number of years ago. The person who was a ham was a young NZPO engineer. After he retired from the NZPO he wrote an article in the Electrical Journal about the sorry state of the NZPO marine coast stations. The BreakIn article was published after the amateur became a silent key.

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