Interval Signals Online

Remember the days when the top of the hour would be met with interval signals gracing the bands? The hauntingly beautiful “Love Ambon” from Indonesia, the jarring trumpets of KOL Israel and the chiming “What A Friend We Have in Jesus” from FEBA Seychelles?.  The “Interval Signals Online” website has literally recorded them for posterity.

You’ll also find other audio clips of IDs and theme music.

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  1. Numbers stations are often named after their interval signals, such as The Lincolnshire Poacher or Magnetic Fields after “Magnetic Fields Part 1” by Jean-Michel Jarre .

  2. Hi Phil

    Kordia were carrying out DAB/DAB+ test transmissions from locations in the Wellington CBD and West Auckland, but I don’t think they are on-air any more. The licenses are expired in the Radio Spectrum database, but I’m unable to personally check to see if anything is still on.

    An OZ DAB+ radio would have worked with these tests, and so would most modern European ones. Older European DAB (rather than DAB+) ones would only receive part of the multiplex.

    Cheers, Chris

  3. Hi – my apology for this intrysion – can anyone tell me if public DAB has been established in NZ (Auckland) – if so – will on OZ DAB radio work there?

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