In the Market for a New “Pre-loved” Receiver?


In New Zealand, the majority of used shortwave radios are bought and sold via the on-line auction site TradeMe.

But which of them are cherries and which are lemons? There is a useful guide on the website. The list of receivers rated appear on this list. The receivers ratings using ‘H’s instead of stars, seem to reflect general opinion as far as the tried and true experience of NZ DXers goes, with one exception. The Yaesu FRG7 receives a top-rank, however they pale in comparison to the actual performance of even some HHH rated sets.

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5 responses to “In the Market for a New “Pre-loved” Receiver?

  1. You can download Fred Osterman’s Book “Receivers past and present” here…

    …but it’s 200 something Mb!

    Not sure of the legality of the source – I tried to buy one sometime ago and was told that it’s out of print. The last edition was 2013

  2. james patterson

    In relation to the topic on ” In the market for a preloved receiver”.I wonder whats happened to good old NZ,in the way of having “Radio shops” like we used to years ago.Its all gone computers and smart phones these days,and to the younger generation,they wouldnt know where to start when it comes to SW or SSB DXing.I for one have always tried to buy preloved or new radio equipment privately,as with the “Trade & Exchange” clasified paper you could once buy from your corner dairy.But now it seems everything is bought and sold on TradeMe,an auction that wheels and deals to the highest bider.So where are all the private sellers? I suppose its because they really have no where to advertise what they want to sell except on TradeMe.It also seems you can not contact these sellers directly,to buy directly. Perhapes the DX club could run a “Buy and Sell” section in their magazine.But then not all people who own receivers belong,or know of the NZ Radio DX League.
    Has anyone bought the Digitech AR 1945 portable gen-coverage receiver with SSB from Jaycar yet? Any reveiws of this receiver would be good.Thankyou.James.

    • Hi James, there is a “Market Square” in the DX Times although you won’t see it unless someone has an advert. Members are also permitted to list items for sale on the DX Dialog e-mail group. You can join us to take advantage of these benefits for just $15 p.a. Regards, Paul

      • james patterson

        Hi Paul,Sorry I dont do on line banking or paying for anything over the internet.Im not old fashion,just very much aware of problems that could arise through this process.If I could join the NZ DX League it would be via land mail or a visit to the treasurer or who ever is responsible for this.Ive always thought about it,its like any club,there are always fees to keep them going etc.
        Many thanks Paul.

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