Former Radio Canada International Facility Being Dismantled

English: Radio Canada International Transmitte...

English: Radio Canada International Transmitter Station, Tantramar Marsh, New Brunswick, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sackville, New Brusnwick transmitter site is being torn down. Radio Canada Int closed in 2012 , so ending a chapter that began before World War 2. The Sackville Tribune carried this report.

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  1. It was through these towers Radio Canada [CBC International Service] brought its message in several West-European languages in the post WWII years. I became familiar with SW radio thank listening to the Dutch language service in the 1950’s on Saturday and Sunday evenings when Sackville used call signs like CKCS 15.32 MHz [Mc/s] and CKNC 17.82 MHz [Mc/s].

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