English Off-Shore Pirate Radio Compilation

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  1. Martin Hadlow

    Delightful to wallow again in this nostalgia! Thank you. It’s great to hear the jingles of my former stations., Radio England/Britain Radio, after all these years. By the way, although the Radio Caroline jingles say 199, the engineers (in a QSL to me) said that they were actually on 198 metres, but “the jocks say 199 to rhyme with Caroline”.
    And I wonder if the present US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, knows that Radio Caroline was named after her? The founder, Ronan O’Rahilly, wanted a fresh feel to the station and, at the time, that kind oif refreshing ‘new touch’ had been brought to the USA by the JFK family. He felt that this would evoke similar emotions in the UK. Thus the name Caroline.
    In passing, in April this year I was in Chicago, USA speaking at the PCA conference. My subject was off-shore broadcasting in the UK in the 1960s and I had a very interested audience. As the majority were Americans, they had virtually no knowledge of this era of British broadcasting and found it hard to understand that commercial radio did not exist in the UK prior to the advent of ‘the pirates’.

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