Early History of 2YA

Many thanks to Paul Rawdon who passed on this link to the Porirua City Council’s history of 2YA.

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  1. James Patterson

    Has anyone in the NZ Radio DX League had any problems with the Sangean ATS 909X portable receivers available through the “Mayo group” importers here in NZ?I bought such a radio,( very expensive) be cause it was a replacement for my old Sony SW 55 that “Tagged” stations or frequencies.I read all the pros and cons on the internet well befor I decided to buy it,but because it was far more advanced than my old very reliable Sony SW 55,I decided to spend the $500 or so dollars on it.With that money I could have bought a flash new TV or other perhapes more important household needs.But alas yes I went ahead and purchased the Sangean ATS 909X via a well known electrical store in Auckland.Well I was so busy learning all the complicated operation of putting frequencies into the memories,that I had not acturly checked that it had full range of the frequencies as stated in the instruction book and on the back of the radio.So I thought I would go up to 28mgs to check for any Ham activity.Well to my supprise the “Cut off point” was 26.100mgs.So I checked all other bands,LW,FM and AM were all wrong.Starting too short and finishing too soon.
    Other thing I noticed only once was that the SSB seemed to drift badly,when I turned on the radio and went directly to a USB frequency I had in the memory eg 8.867 Aircraft.The drift had been so bad off where it had been entered and memoriesd that useing the “Slow step” it wouldnt clearify untill it came up at 8.865.But then after turning it off for a while,then back on,it was bang on top dead center.So why that happened is a mystery to me.But as far as this radio not giveing the full frequency range,Im very disapointed,I emailed the importer,but as yet have not heard back.According to a You Tube reveiw,some of these are set at the factory according to some country region regulations as far as frequency range goes.But here in NZ we have no such restrictions.So if all the importer’s radios are the same,or if there is no way of adjusting it to full range,I’ll have to have my hard earned money back.Any suggestions would be a great help befor I return it please.ASAP.Many thanks.

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