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Our monthly magazine “The DX Times” was first published in October 1948. The DX Times is now available to new members in PDF format.

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To view a piece of New Zealand Radio DX League history, click the image above to see Issue 1, No.1.

4 responses to “DX Times Magazine

  1. Hi , i would like to change an address for John Davies of 2 Sandilands street Feilding 4702 to John Davies c/Ranfurly hospital and rest home 6 Monmouth street Feilding 4702

  2. Reading your subscription form it seems only a personal cheque is available for Kiwis wishing to join. What other options are there for paying my subs?



    • Hi Mike, You can also use Paypal or internet bank transfer. “Cheques or money orders must be in NZ currency or the currency of the originating country
      for equivalent amount. NZ members can also use Internet Banking

      Acct.name: NZ Radio DX League.
      Acct. number: 12-3089-0286191-00 Make sure your name is included”. Thanks, Paul

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