1964 Leithfield Beach

Tony King gleaned the following from a QSL letter:

Special from KPUB 1480 1kw Pueblo Colorado . Heard by the 40 at the convention (I’ve found my thank you letter to the CE + tape transcript) We phoned the CE from a phone box in Amberley around 11.p.m. MST to find out what he was going to air – a tone test plus ID I taped – “If you are a KPUB listener and a business man let us know about it and let us put you on our honorary KPUB Country Club list. Won’t you do that ? K P U B Pueblo” Reception was excellent over KYOS and KBOX
  • Covered by TV3 Christchurch running their lighting off the domestic electric stove in our family bach
  • The Taranaki Crew DXed on the beach with the rx in an apple crate !
  • Visit to CHC Planetarium
  • Slides of NRC Conventions
  • Visit to Operation Deep Freeze at CHC Airport
  • Tape messages from overseas radio clubs

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  1. For 1964 the Christchurch TV station should be more correctly referred to as CHTV3. The 3 stands for the channel used and could be confused with todays TV3 network.

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