Listed below are the main contact persons within the New Zealand Radio DX League:


DX Times Magazine Chief Editor: or: 



 Postal Address:

NZ Radio DX League
P.O. Box 178
Mangawhai 0540
New Zealand

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    I have been using SDR1 since 11 Oct thanks to help from Arthur and Brian.
    Log on at least twice a day , have heard 17 countries since and 49 loggings. The best ever.
    Yesterday, heard INDIA, AIR GOS from Bangalore at a signal strength of S9+40dB, the strongest signal I have ever picked up in 60+ years of SWL.
    You guys have certainly set up a great system.
    Really now enjoy my resumed hobby. Thanks all concerned.

  2. Dear Sir ,
    Please advise where I can buy a MFJ-1026

    I have contacted MFJ direct and they have said something like because its under a certain price Bla Bla if they were to talk English they seem a bit Dumb founded
    Grant Cope

  3. Subject: Sony ICF 2001D/2010.
    Hi there this is James Patterson,living in Auckland Im a very keen Sw listener,Single Side Band utility station DXer.I have years ago put out a request for a National Panasonic DR 49.I was able to travel down to a DX League member in Hastings,who I bought the radio off,and to this very day,that receiver still performs very well.So now Im trying to find a good Sony ICF 2001D/2010.I already have a small collection of Sony portable receivers,and would like the 2001D to replace one I had that is now not repairable.The most common problem with the Sony 2001D is that the capacitors wear out with age.Also one transistor at the front end can become “open”,causeing a loss in HF receiption.For this,I do have those parts,oweing to a 2001D I have for spares.I do not use E Bay,and I find items on TradeMe can not be trusted.So I would like to buy privately via a DX League member if possible,or if a member knows of someone else who would be interested in selling theirs to a new carefull owner at a reasonable price. Please put this message out to your members,looking forward to any replies.Thanking you kindly.

  4. Read the interesting profile on Bill Milne on It mentions WBAY 1490 kc Coral Gables, FL. Four members of my family were among the partners of that station which was sold in 1949 and became WTTT. I am attempting to put together a historical timeline of WBAY and possibly create a Wikipedia page for it. Knowing Bill Milne died in 1991, does your organization have copies of his logs and DX correspondence? I would love to get copies of material relating to WBAY to include in my research project.

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