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American Expeditionary Broadcast Band Stations 1946


Historical article:

AES Stations on the Broadcast Band in 1946.


Foreign to the soldiers of World War 1., but well known and much appreciated by our troops today, are the numerous radio stations installed at centres throughout the “fighting” world, wherever reasonably large numbers of Allied men and women may be stationed. Many such stations in the Pacific war zone have been heard in Australia, as well as others in Europe; nor do we forget the various United Nations’ radio stations on the short-waves.

DX’ers will be interested in the information we are able to supply about some of these stations.

Radio Hauraki Documentary


Radio Hauraki, originally New Zealand ‘s first off-shore pirate radio station and now a successful commercial broadcaster is the feature of a recent movie and documentary. The TV doco is previewed on the Stuff website.

A 1996 documentary can be viewed here at New Zealand On Screen.

Audio of a 1966 broadcast can be found on Youtube.

Reach Beyond’s Ministry Continues


HCJB’s pioneering quad antenna

The name HCJB may be consigned to history but the memory of founder Clarence Jones lives in. From Regina’s “Leader-Post” comes this story of how it’s ministry still influences people.

Video of WLW’s 500,000 Watt AM Transmitter

Cincinnati's 700 WLW

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Following on from an earlier post, Bill Smith in Iowa forwarded this link to a video of WLW’s very powerful transmitter.

WLW radio tower

WLW radio tower (Photo credit: Pez King)

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History of VOA Delano


Thanks to Mark Nicholls for posting this link to Radioworld’s 2008 article on the demise of the last of VOA’s wartime transmitting stations.

VOA Delano, California on the West Coast of the USA provided a formidable signal into the Pacific.



“Yia Sou” Voice of Greece


Yet another international broadcaster joins the pantheon of former shortwave broadcasters.

Thanks to Zaharias Liangas for reporting on the Hard-Core-DX reflector:

Greek shortwave to be dismantled after order by Ministry of Finance. Submitted by on Tue, 17/09/2013 – 16:09

The degradation of Greek Radio is going on, having shortwave radio “Voice of Greece” as a victim. This includes 39 shortwave antenna masts hosted in Avlis, which the government plans to sell as scrap metal. The shortwave service started 75 years ago and it is still transmitting in 5 frequencies that cover the globe with shows in Greek for expatriates and foreign language news. The facilities are currently controlled by redundant ERT employes and broadcast the guerilla service of the Greek National Radio ERA. Eighteen months ago, shortwave facilities in Thessaloniki were dismantled.

Ever Wondered What Radio Kiribati Sounds Like?


Radio Kiribati QSL card

Then click on this link on Paul Walker’s On Air DJ website.

In a posting to the MW DX user-group, Paul comments:

‘For your listening pleasure, another aircheck/recording of Radio Kiribati AM 1440. Operating with 10,000 Watts from about 1000 miles south of Hawaii.

I got another aircheck on CD via regular mail today and thought I’d share it with others.
Here’s the link to the 50 minute recording: Kiribati only does one hour of english programming each night at 6pm.

A few notes of interest from my point of view…..To a person like me who isn’t up on languages, it sounds as if the Kiribati language has some hints of some Asian language like Japanese/Chinese almost.