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X-Band Coax Loop

xloop1Bill Marsh Jnr. has recently completed his X-band coaxial loop antenna (tunes 550-1700kHz). The full article appears here.

Did Anyone Notice???

3senWith the struggle for AM radio audiences, what happens when a station suddenly goes dark? Like 3SEN Melbourne 1116kHz:

A brazen bald burglar has stolen about $10,000 worth of gear from Melbourne (VK3) radio station SEN 1116 and wheeled it away in a rubbish skip — all while presenters were on air in their Richmond Studios.

The sports radio station lost much studio equipment including microphones!

Detective Senior Constable Drew Laughlin said the crime appeared to be opportunistic, as the man was able to break into the building through an unlocked door from the carpark about 11.40pm.

Greenland Returns to MW


Paul Rawdon reporting in DX Dialog provided this item (a very tough catch from New Zealand!):

Good news from Greenland. It has been revealed a few hours ago, that KNR is to return to three Medium Wave frequencies following a lot of criticism about the lack of reception of KNR on the sea and outside towns and villages in Greenland.

Three MW frequencies are expected to return:

Qeqertarsuaq – anytime between October 1st and December 1st 2014
Nuuk  – anytime between January and March 2015
Simiutaq, Qaqortoq –  approx.  June 1st 2015

Radio Caroline Drops Anchor

English: MV Ross Revenge, home of Radio Caroli...

English: MV Ross Revenge, home of Radio Caroline from 1983. Photographed in 1984 at anchor in the Knock Deep channel of the southern North Sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And another famous pirate has made the news, this time in this Essex Chronicle article. Broadcasting will resume from “The Ross Revenge” on a short-term license as Radio Caroline chases a full-time permit to operate on the Blackwater, serving the towns of Maldon and Dengie as well as the surrounding area, and no doubt DXers!

AES Stations Part 2

80-November 1945-36

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SABC Broadcast Stations In 1943


sabc1Historical article:



Listen For These Stations:

Here we present a list of all known stations in the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s network. This list may be of interest to our WA DX’ers particularly, as several stations from South Africa have been logged in that State.

Best listening time for these stations in WA is from around midnight till about 5.30 am WA time, and In the Eastern States, listen around 5.00 am AEST.

560 kc., Grahamstown, No. 1.

600 kc., Capetown No. 1.

620 kc., Bloemfontein. No. 2.

Broadcast Band DX In 1939


Historical article:

Since the very first issue of Radio and Hobbies, (April 1939), it has been a matter of policy to provide, each month, the best possible information for short-wave listeners. However, we have often wondered how many of our readers are interested in long distance and overseas reception on the broadcast band. Here are some broadcast band DX notes, compiled by Mr. Roy Hallett. If you are interested, drop us a line and we will see what can be done about making this a regular feature.