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From the Branch Minute Books – Transcribed by Bill Marsh – Christian names added ( )

The first meeting of the Southland Branch of the New Zealand Radio DX league was held at the residence of Mr R. DUFF (Roland), 22 Jackson Street (Invercargill) on Tuesday 31st August, 1948.

Members present: Messrs. Warburton (Lloyd), Branks (Merv), Cushen (Arthur), Goodsir (George), Allan (Alex), Perkins (Harvey), Tombs (Evan), Frampton (Des), Duff (Roland), Mercer (Graham) and Carter (Dudley).

Moved Mr. Tombs 2nd Mr. Frampton that a branch of NZRDXL be formed.

Election of Officers;

An International Log from a NZ DXer.

From; THE AUSTRALIAN RADIO WORD, Page 46, September 1, 1937.

DX  News and Views *** A page for letters from DX readers.

An International Log

Bill Marsh (Snr.)

A few words about dxing in New Zealand. VK’s on 20 metres have been coming in well for the last three months, and very seldom were signals less than Q5, R8-9. A few of the best were VK’s 4JU, 2XU, 2ADE, 2HF 2MH, 3AL, 2IQ, 3ZL, 5GM, 5AW and a few others, the best tone for  music being VK5GM and 3AL. VK2XU and 4JU have the best all-round transmitters. My set does not go down to 10 metres, but I can receive VK2GU, 3WB and a few others on harmonics. There are a few ZL’s on 10 and 5 metres, but have not beard any yet.

4XG Gore 1548 kHZ – Radio New Zealand

I am currently in Invercargill visiting family. Whilst going through some of my sister’s old photographs the other day I came across a verification card addressed to my mother. 4XG Gore was operating on a temporary warrant at this time. The year 1979 is way past my dad (Bill Marsh Snr) interest in sending out reports. I can only suspect the transmission by this station has some important significance as I am not aware of a call 4XG. I am assuming that my dad realised the significance of this transmission and my mother wrote the report and she received the verification. Can anybody provide some history on this station as it has me completely puzzled.

The Wirelss World from 1930


By Magna Vox.


From the Otago Daily Times , Issue 20993, 4 April 1930, Page 5.


Hearing KGO in 1924




From the Auckland Star, Volume LV, Issue 179, 30 July 1924, Page 8.

“Come round to-night.”‘ said Jenkins, as I swung on a neighbouring strap in our morning tramcar. “You will have a real treat; you will be able to hear K.G.O.”. Who or what K.G.O. was I had not the faintest idea. The cryptic letters conveyed to me merely a sense of my inferiority, mill I was loath to seek explanation under the gaze of many envious eyes turned in the direction of our conversation. To display ignorance of radio terms in these enlightened days is tantamount to being unable to recognise a Ford car, either by eye or by ear. So, in a fit of misguided enthusiasm I declared that nothing would keep me from hearing K.G.O.

Radio Notes from 1934


Prepared for the Guardian by STENTOR.

From the Ellesmere Guardian, Volume LV, Issue 64, 14 August 1934, Page 2.

Mr D. N. Adams, of Timaru, has been the successful competitor in the DX Cup competition, logging 546 verified stations. This competition originated some years ago, and each year the advance made in the number of stations logged has been amazing, indicating not only the worldwide growth of radio, but the great advances made in the construction of radio receivers. In 1931, 291 stations were logged, 366 the next-year, 416 in 1933, early this year 500, and now 546. Another remarkable feature of the competition is that on all four occasions the coveted trophy has been won by the aid of a Majestic receiver, a splendid tribute to the high standard of quality maintained by this well-known instrument.

Radio Notes from 1933


(Written for the Guardian). By “Screen Grid.”

From the Ellesmere Guardian, Volume LI, Issue 39, 19 May 1933, Page 3.