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FM DX Antenna & Tuner

I decided to try a bit of FM DX after a break of more than 20 years and
needed a new antenna.

First I tried a 7 element log periodic yagi, similar to this example but found the local FMers about 3km away swamped the whole band pretty much. So then I re-built the antenna into one of these combo yagis  which is a hybrid log periodic yagi and standard yagi, sometimes called a “logyag”.

It handles the signals from the locals much better than the straight LPY
and seems to be more directional. Mine is made from old low-band TV
antennas so only cost me some hardware and time.

Bill Marsh’s Portable EWE Antenna Project

Bill Marsh Jnr has completed an article on building a portable EWE antenna, view the article here.

A Ferrite Shielded Loop – Kiwi Style


Bill Marsh has been experimenting with the ferrite sleeved loop design and has come up with a clever design. You can read the full article here.

Coax Loop Revision

Bill Marsh has been experimenting further with his coax loop for MW and the X-band. Here are the results:


X-Band Coax Loop

xloop1Bill Marsh Jnr. has recently completed his X-band coaxial loop antenna (tunes 550-1700kHz). The full article appears here.

New Articles Added

High Efficiency Aerial For Shortwaves – Historical




HERE is a short wave antenna that has helped me very much in my SWL work. I believe it is an original idea, for I have never seen or heard of one like it. It occurred to me when I was trying to figure out a way to have good directional antenna (all directions) without having to have a separate antenna for each direction. It has worked wonderfully well for the past six months, so I thought that others interested in the same field might like to try it.

Radio Canada International SW Towers


RCI Sackville (Tantramarsh)

Thanks to Paul Rawdon reporting in DX Dialog “This could be well worth seeing.An experimental documentary film about the RCI shortwave radio towers.  Images captured on 35mm film, and stories told in English, French, and Mi’kmaq.

Wave Traps – Historical Article






R. J. A. LITTLE, A.M.I.R.E. South Melbourne

From – The Australasian Radio Times – July 1947

A WAVE TRAP can be defined as a circuit containing at least one condenser and one coil wired in series or parallel to form a tuned circuit. A most common form of wave trap is one utilising a parallel tuned circuit.

Aerial & Earth Systems 1948


Aerial and Earth Systems

By “Starlite”

From the 1948/49 “Lamphouse” Annual

The early pioneers of radio were once faced by a very serious problem. Their crude attempts at transmission were being held up as the range achieved was extremely limited. Someone got the bright idea of suspending a piece of wire in the air. Thus the aerial was born. The earth was the logical conclusion. Radio transmission and reception experiments increased in efficiency.

The same holds good today.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s an FSL!


Remember the good old ferrite loopstick antenna? Well, the FSL (ferrite sleeve loop) is a loopstick on steroids.  Gary DeBock is one of many hobbyists who have been experimenting with these imposing antennas, sort of the boat anchor of aerials! His interesting article appears on Colin Newall’s site.


The Ultimate Compact MW DX Antenna?


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Whether you’re a ham, MW or SW DXer, there are times when a receive antenna will be very handy. I’ve experimented with EWEs, K9AYs and coax loops. Just recently, Shared Apex Loop Arrays have received a lot of publicity and this excellent Youtube presentation certainly caught my interest.

Here is a good PDF article from the designer, Mark Baumann.

And now Array Solutions are selling them.

Very compact and as for performance, we’ll let the Youtube video provide the answer.

Hot Rod Your Ultralight For MW DX!

John Bryant at Grayland DXpedition (credit:

John Bryant (sadly no longer with us) penned many useful and practical technical articles for DXers looking to eke the extra out of their radios and antennas.

Here is an article showing how to add an external MW antenna to your Tecsun/Degen radio.

Luckily for us, John’s articles live on thanks to the internet.

John’s obituary on web site.




Taking Down A Radio Tower…

…don’t get these guys to do it!