Blast from the Past – Atlantic Beacon


Back in December 1986, MW DXers were tuning their radios to 1570kHz to hear a new radio station operating out of the Turks & Caicos Islands. That station was “The Atlantic Beacon” and Tony King made this recording of their opening announcement  

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  1. kevin kinkade

    Paul I do when I can dig them up and get them together I would love to shareI have many fond memories of 1570 quite a logistic challenge she was back in the simple days look forward to your reply peace be with youand yours sir.

  2. kevin kinkade

    I was assistant engineer on the 1570 project under the director of broadcast operations Fred Wuenschel I was very sad to see her go the good people of South Caicos must miss her.

    • Hi Kevin, Thanks for the comment. Any chance you’d have some photos of the studios, transmitter antenna, staff etc?? Cheers, Paul ZL4TT

  3. heard on a small transistor radio with tiny aerial in Christchurch

  4. Is this radio station still on air

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