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NZ FM Lists

Thanks to Bryan Clark, below are two NZ FM lists. One by frequency order, the other in regional order. If you’re aware of any corrections, please add them in the comments list below.

NZ FM List In Frequency Order

NZ FM List In Regional Order


Updated South West Pacific FM List

Thanks to Bryan Clark, below is an amended list for Pacific FM DX hunters with the summer FM DX season not too far away.

SW Pacific FM List

sw pacific fm 220918

World’s Best Aerial – In 1944

Thanks to Andy Gardiner for this image.

Denis O’Callahan’s Personal History Of Radio Hauraki


It started for me when I was living in New Caledonia, having washed up there on a yacht and got a job with a local radio repair shop and a guy called Stan Clinch, who ran an outfit called Kiwi Radio. He’d been a wartime radar technician and had gone back to New Caledonia where he had been stationed during the war, to set up a radio repair shop.

Convention 2018

Here are the conventioneers who attended the DX League’s 70th anniversary gathering at Mangawhai on 6-9 April. Standing: Peter Mott, Sutton Burtenshaw (Patron), Kaye Burtenshaw, Yuri Muzyka, Stuart Forsyth (Chief Editor), Dorothy de Maine, Joyce Marsh, Adrian Sainsbury (RNZ Pacific), Jeannette Greenyer, Steven Greenyer, Sandra Clark, Brian Withers, Ray Babbage, Angela Mott, Phil van de Paverd, Ray Crawford, Arthur de Maine (President). Kneeling: Paul Ormandy, Bill Marsh, Bryan Clark. Missing: David Norrie, Barry Hartley.

Convention 2018 in Mangawhai went brilliantly. A full report will appear in due course.

Below is a photo of the life members in attendance.

SW Pacific FM List

List of South West Pacific FM stations

2018 NZ FM Lists

Thanks to Bryan Clark and his able bunch of volunteers, below are 2 lists that will be very useful to FM DXers.

January 2018 NZ FM List By Region

Jan 2018 NZ FM List By Frequency

2017 AGM Ashburton

2017 Ashburton AGM attendees: Left to Right: Bryan Clark, Andrew Gardner, Paul Ormandy, Douglas Johns, Steven Greenyer, Paul Rawdon, Philip Garden, Arthur de Maine, Brian Carr, Lance Johnston, Jim Smyth and Chris Wright.

New Zealand FM List 2017

Thanks to editor Bryan Clark, here are PDF lists of New Zealand’s FM stations, the first in frequency order and by second by region.

NZ FM List In Frequency Order

NZ FM List By Region

Convention 2018 – Mangawhai

QTH for Convention 2018 at Mangawhai

CONVENTION 2018 Next year the NZ Radio DX League will celebrate its 70th anniversary with a gathering at Mangawhai between Friday 6 April and Monday 9 April 2018.   Accommodation will be allocated on a first come-first served basis, so if you think you will or might attend and want to secure a place in the superior accommodation, please let Bryan Clark know:

Dedicated SDR for League Members

Another benefit of belonging to the NZRDXL is use of a 4-channel KiwiSDR receiver located in an excellent receive location at Russell in the Bay of Islands. To obtain the password, just must be an NZ Radio DX League members, request it by sending an e-mail to

Map credit:

FM DX Antenna & Tuner

I decided to try a bit of FM DX after a break of more than 20 years and
needed a new antenna.

First I tried a 7 element log periodic yagi, similar to this example but found the local FMers about 3km away swamped the whole band pretty much. So then I re-built the antenna into one of these combo yagis  which is a hybrid log periodic yagi and standard yagi, sometimes called a “logyag”.

It handles the signals from the locals much better than the straight LPY
and seems to be more directional. Mine is made from old low-band TV
antennas so only cost me some hardware and time.

Bill Marsh’s Portable EWE Antenna Project

Bill Marsh Jnr has completed an article on building a portable EWE antenna, view the article here.

Australia To Leave SW Broadcasting


ABC Exits Shortwave Radio Transmission

*06 December 2016*

The ABC will end its shortwave transmission service in the Northern Territory and to international audiences from 31 January 2017.

The move is in line with the national broadcaster’s commitment to dispense with outdated technology and to expand its digital content offerings including DAB+ digital radio, online and mobile services, together with FM services for international audiences.

The majority of ABC audiences in the Northern Territory currently access ABC services via AM and FM and all ABC radio and digital radio services are available on the VAST satellite service.

2016 Annual General Meeting


Attendees: Bryan Clark, Paul Aronsen, Sutton Burtenshaw, Phil Van de Paverd, Peter Mott, Steven Greenyer, John Akersten & George Muzyka

Pdf_iconAnnual Meeting of the New Zealand Radio DX League – 2016

The Editor’s Trip To Wellington



From the September 1939 issue of “TUNE IN”

As the story of the editor’s trip to Wellington may interest “Tune In’s” readers “Nosey” will endeavour to describe it to the best of his ability.

Before going any further, maybe those RA members who have never had the misfortune to meet Alf. Greenway, may like to know what he looks like, so here is a pen picture of him. He is between 20 and 40 years of age, about 5 or 6 feet in height; weighs something between 8 and 12 stone; isn’t a scrap like Clark Gable, and doesn’t wear a hat (he lost it a few years ago in Dunedin, so joined the hatless brigade.) A fuller description and a photograph could probably be seen at any Police Station.

A Radio Wedding


From August 1938 issue of


The marriage of Miss Milli-Amp to Mr. Micro Farad is the talk of the Radio World. The bride belongs to the well-known Current family and the groom is also popular. The bride’s father, Mr. A. C. Current, gave his daughter away, and her sister, Miss Uni Current acted in the capacity of bridesmaid. The reception, which was held at the home of the bride’s parents, was very successful. Miss Xmitter gave an exhibition of the “Frequency Creep” and also rendered a song – “Wobulation”. This turn upset things a little and there was a rush to the busbar, where the groom became a fixed condenser. After an overload of juice, his di-electric gave way and he collapsed in a short-circuit. This unfortunate accident was the cause of the reception being damped out. The couple left on a kilocycling Tour and we extend our best wishes to the couple.

A Perception Of Sunspots From 1939


From the December 1939 issue of


Christchurch DXers 1932-1940

CHRISTCHURCH DXers. 1932 – 40.

From February 1940 issue of “TUNE IN”

AT the A.G.M. of the Branch, March 1940, Christchurch will celebrate her 8th birthday. She was the first organised body of DXers in New Zealand, Dunedin being a close second.

The very first meeting of DXers in N.Z. was convened by the writer in conjunction with the Radio Society of Christchurch, on Thursday, Jan 28, 1932. This was the very first attempt to separate DXing from technical radio, and launch it as a specialised hobby. Twelve DXers answered the call, being V. Hogg, E. A. Whitehead, J. Henwood, S. Walton, G. Sadler, Curline, L. J. Marshall, G. Gerkins, R. J. Heese, J. Early, J. C. Stapleton, and “yours truly”. It was quite a successful evening, and led to a further informal meeting in Aril, 1932.

Station “NUTS” Calling

From “TUNE IN” October 1940

(Dedicated to all those brave souls called DXers who keep their lonely vigil in the silent watches of the night)

I gazed at “TUNE IN” with eyes shining bright,

And determined to try that very same night,

To log all the Yanks that “Notnats” reported.

So with ears straining hard the airwaves I courted.

But crackles and bangs were my miserable lot.

At the end of four hours ne’er a station I’d got.

But at last o’er my set came a wonderful change,