Icom IC-R70 Modifications


Icom IC-R70 Mods

Thanks to Arthur de Maine, this PDF contains details on how to modify the Icom IC-R70.


2 responses to “Icom IC-R70 Modifications


    Hi .
    After 40years of careful practice I have recently manged to fry up a CPU processor on a R70 by feeding unregulated B+ on regulated simply by reading rear plug connections upside down,,,
    Does any out there has or knows where a spare logic board or D650C 070 processor ?

  2. Thanks. I’ve already made a lot of mods for my R70. It’s a perfect receiver.
    In the 80’s I made de R70 computer controlled with my Sinclair ZX81 computer.

    Anyway, greetings from The Netherlands – (Europe)

    Juul – PE0GJG

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