4XG Gore 1548 kHZ – Radio New Zealand

I am currently in Invercargill visiting family. Whilst going through some of my sister’s old photographs the other day I came across a verification card addressed to my mother. 4XG Gore was operating on a temporary warrant at this time. The year 1979 is way past my dad (Bill Marsh Snr) interest in sending out reports. I can only suspect the transmission by this station has some important significance as I am not aware of a call 4XG. I am assuming that my dad realised the significance of this transmission and my mother wrote the report and she received the verification. Can anybody provide some history on this station as it has me completely puzzled.

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  1. Bill, I also logged 4XG on the 3rd June 1979 at 0555 UTC as Hokonui Mountain Radio and received the QSL on 15 June that year. Station name ties in with Tony’s memory I think. Interestingly that was my first MW report after relocating to Auckland from Wellington a day or two earlier. Bryan

  2. Hi Bill

    If my jaded memory is correct, I think 4XG was only on for a week or so on 1548 khz celebrating the Country and Western festival held at Gore.

  3. Queensland on SW from May 2017!!

    4KZ will B/C from 4 pm to 9 pm EAT from MAY (May be earlier) on 5,055 with 1,5 Kw power. An official Press release states, replacing the ABC SW in the area..

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