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Mark Nicholls – A Tribute

mn8The following tributes appear in the September 2014 edition of the DX Times, which is dedicated to the life of Mark Nicholls.

From fellow Life Member, Paul Ormandy, comes this: I first met Mark at the 1976 Tatum Park convention, we hit it off straight away and with Paul Edwards, spent every night at the dials getting very little sleep. We had joined the NZRDXL within months of each other, we were the same age and more importantly, we both preferred MW to SW! Mark was a regular attendee of League events in both islands and in 1983, spent the first or his many annual weekly DX pilgrimages with me at Waianakarua. It became the DX-highlight of the year for each of us and we both got on very well together.Mark’s first serious DX-receiver was a Sony ICF-6800W and later a Drake R8B.

The World’s First Pirate Radio

plugge1931Thanks to Paul Rawdon for the following item on DX Dialog: Les Woodland tells the story of Captain Plugge, founder of Radio Normandie, the first station to take on the BBC and probably the World’s first pirate radio. From January 2000.

And these is more detail and photos on the Off Shore Echoes website.

Greenland Returns to MW


Paul Rawdon reporting in DX Dialog provided this item (a very tough catch from New Zealand!):

Good news from Greenland. It has been revealed a few hours ago, that KNR is to return to three Medium Wave frequencies following a lot of criticism about the lack of reception of KNR on the sea and outside towns and villages in Greenland.

Three MW frequencies are expected to return:

Qeqertarsuaq – anytime between October 1st and December 1st 2014
Nuuk  – anytime between January and March 2015
Simiutaq, Qaqortoq –  approx.  June 1st 2015

Mark Nicholls – R.I.P.

mn8The New Zealand DX fraternity was stunned to learn of the passing of long-time NZRDXL member and DX Times editor, Mark Nicholls. Mark had long-term health issues, even so his passing on the morning of the 20th of August was a shock to us all.

Read tributes to Mark here.

The following from NZRDXL President, Bryan Clark:

Dear colleagues,

As you will know by now, our long time Chief Editor and League Life Member Mark passed away yesterday.

A Breath Of Life For Shortwave?

Radio mast array, Rampisham These mas...

BBC Rampisham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ease with which regimes can block websites and streaming audio services may be reason to reconsider the advantages of shortwave. Well, according to this article from the Radio World website, that is.

Memories Of 2XN

2xn_txmtr_1Martin Hadlow has kindly supplied this reminiscence of his home-town station, Nelson’s 2XN.

Radio Caroline Drops Anchor

English: MV Ross Revenge, home of Radio Caroli...

English: MV Ross Revenge, home of Radio Caroline from 1983. Photographed in 1984 at anchor in the Knock Deep channel of the southern North Sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And another famous pirate has made the news, this time in this Essex Chronicle article. Broadcasting will resume from “The Ross Revenge” on a short-term license as Radio Caroline chases a full-time permit to operate on the Blackwater, serving the towns of Maldon and Dengie as well as the surrounding area, and no doubt DXers!