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Radio Hauraki Film On the Way


Via Bryan Clark reporting on the DX Dialog reflector: The following posted to the DXLD Yahoo Group yesterday by Mike Terry:

The film ‘3 Mile Limit’ about Radio Hauraki New Zealand is now in post production. There is no official Trailer yet but there is this clip on YouTube.

“Auckland Viaduct, October 1966: a group of determined young men defy the police and government and, to the cheering of their fans, launch a coastal ship that has been converted to a pirate radio station which they intend to use to broadcast from the Hauraki Gulf.

WRTH 2014 On Sale Now


Amazon are taking pre-orders for the WRTH with a release date of Dec 30th 2013. You can either buy from the website (US$25.39 + shipping), or use a New Zealand-based Amazon reseller like Fishpond (NZ$38-40 delivered!).


Radio & TV Afghanistan to Start News Channel

India’s public service broadcaster, Prasar Bharati will assist the Afghan government broadcaster – Radio and Television Afghanistan (RTA) to start a news channel in the war-ravaged country.
Excerpts…. RTA Director General Zarin Anzor and A R Panjshiri, Afghanistan’s head of International Relations met Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar and also sought help in repair and maintenance of their existing transmission facilities such as uplink, short wave transmitter and TV network.
The RTA has a network of 24 TV transmitter with downlink facilities, one 100 kw short wave transmitter with 7 antennae catering service to its neighbouring countries and one uplink station in Kabul providing connectivity.
Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi
Thanks to Alokesh for passing on this news.


Dasvidaniya Voice of Russia…


Russia’s international radio service, the Voice of Russia (Golos Rossii) will stop its shortwave broadcasts on January 1, 2014. According to website, the decision to leave shortwave has been taken because of decreased funding. says that ending shortwave transmissions was revealed in a letter from Natalia Zhmay, Deputy Chairman of the Voice of Russia, to Andrew Romanchenko, head of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (RTRN), dated August 15. Neither Voice of Russia nor RTRN have officially commented on the matter.

The 6×3 in the 1960s

Thanks to Arthur de Maine for the following photos of Merv Branks’ famous “6×3” at Riverton:

6x3 the rocks 1960s

Boys brigade tents in use for the annual DXpedition


6x3 1966

Tony Magon and Noel Parry carrying out repairs


Inside the 6x3

Merv Branks, Trevor Service & Irene Simpson

Thanks to Paul Aronsen who took the photos.

Merv Branks & the 6×3

ZBVI Tower Upgrade


When the MW band opened into the Caribbean, many NZ DXers checked 780kHz for the chance of a rare new country, British Virgin Islands.

Well, chances of snaring this rarity may have improved. Thanks to Paul Rawdon who forwarded this item from the MW DX group to the NZRDXL “DX Dialog” e-mail reflector:

I’ve gotten word construction on their new 300 foot tower has begun. In fact, the tower is standing at about 160 feet.

Blast from the Past – KPOA Honolulu

Tony King has provided this audio clip of KPOA Honolulu… recorded in 1976. Enjoy…