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Interval Signals Online

Remember the days when the top of the hour would be met with interval signals gracing the bands? The hauntingly beautiful “Love Ambon” from Indonesia, the jarring trumpets of KOL Israel and the chiming “What A Friend We Have in Jesus” from FEBA Seychelles?.  The “Interval Signals Online” website has literally recorded them for posterity.

You’ll also find other audio clips of IDs and theme music.

WLW Cincinatti 500,000 Watts



That’s not a mis-print… WLW had a 500kW transmitter on the MW band in 1934.

For many of us, WLW was the first Ohio station we ever heard. Here, thanks to K7AGE, is a Youtube presentation on the history of this iconic US broadcaster.

The following comment comes Barry W9UCW from the Topband reflector:

The Ultimate Compact MW DX Antenna?


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Whether you’re a ham, MW or SW DXer, there are times when a receive antenna will be very handy. I’ve experimented with EWEs, K9AYs and coax loops. Just recently, Shared Apex Loop Arrays have received a lot of publicity and this excellent Youtube presentation certainly caught my interest.

Here is a good PDF article from the designer, Mark Baumann.

And now Array Solutions are selling them.

Very compact and as for performance, we’ll let the Youtube video provide the answer.

Hot Rod Your Ultralight For MW DX!

John Bryant at Grayland DXpedition (credit:

John Bryant (sadly no longer with us) penned many useful and practical technical articles for DXers looking to eke the extra out of their radios and antennas.

Here is an article showing how to add an external MW antenna to your Tecsun/Degen radio.

Luckily for us, John’s articles live on thanks to the internet.

John’s obituary on web site.




African Shortwave Website


Here’s a great up-to-date site;  “Welcome to Africa” details transmissions from Africa available for download as PDF to have beside you when you’re DXing. The Dark Continent has always been the hardest to hear in NZ so has become  a favoured target for Kiwi DXers.

And for more detail, the British DX Club’s “Africa On Shortwave” website provides all the specific and other info you’ll need.


Pirate Radio Thrives In The Internet Age


Just read an interesting article on Radio World discussing pirate radio although the theme equally applies to clandestine broadcasts.

With countless establishment broadcasters ceasing or cutting back on shortwave broadcasts, pirate and clandestine stations offer good opportunities for the die-hard DXer.

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Radio Oddities Roundup

Remember those numbers and phonetics stations with their coded broadcasts, like the famous Lincolnshire Poacher from Akrotiri RAF base in Cyprus, etc? This You Tube clip will bring back some memories.

And there is more info on Wikipedia.